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What is the situation in Heidelberg?

  1. There are renovation plans, but the processes take far too long and students leave school before the hole in the roof is plugged. 

  2. We have day-care centers, but there is a lack of staff. 

  3. Daycare is not affordable for many families. As a result, women in particular are hindered in their careers. 

The bottom line is: from the crèche to the campus equal opportunity must be possible. 


"So, as mayor of this city, I want to make family-friendly decisions to make more possible for families."

How exactly do we achieve this in Heidelberg?

  • We plan and think of schools as living spaces in which our children like to learn, play and are optimally supported.

  • In all parts of the city we will provide attractive schools that have enough space for all children on site.

  • Schools must be provided with all means to prepare children for the challenges of the future.

  • If we offer day-care centers, then they must also be free of charge. In contrast to other German states, the Baden-Württemberg government has done nothing in this field and is leaving the families out in the rain. I don't want a family-"tax". I would like young families who currently are facing so many burdens, to be relieved. 

"Together we can make equal opportunities possible by thinking more intelligently and smartly about education policy."

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