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What is the situation in Heidelberg?

  1. Sports facilities are in poor condition or missing altogether.

  2. Swimming courses cannot take place.

  3. Clubs are closing, party facilities are limited. The "Feierbad" alone is not enough.

Children, teenagers, and young adults had to do without a lot during the pandemic.

Now space must be created for encounters.


"As lord mayor of this city,
I will facilitate opportunities for young people."

How do we achieve this in Heidelberg?

  • Sports areas must be designated, a new indoor swimming pool must be built. 

  • A self-governing youth cultural centre will be set up in the Karlstorbahnhof.

  • The opening hours in the old town must remain the same.

  • Clubs will be offered in the Nachtschicht building.

  • Commitment will be strengthened by concessions: Heidelbergpass+ for volunteers.

  • There will be a 9€ ticket for young people until the end of their training/studies.

"Diversity can get a proper space in a queer centre."

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