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What is the situation in Heidelberg?

  1. The world is going digital, but the Bürgeramt still sends letters. 

  2. You can apply for a parking permit digitally, but it is still sent by mail, and you have to put it in the car.

  3. When I apply for a childcare voucher for my child, I have to fill in a form and hand it in

If we don't act here, we will be left behind by other cities.

Heidelberg can be smarter. With a smart city hall, we can enable more.

Heidelberg can be a digital city that meets the demands of the future.


"As Lord Mayor of our city,
I will drive digitization forward and make Heidelberg
fit for the future."

How do we achieve digital transformation in Heidelberg in concrete terms?

  • Administrative procedures must be simplified by an app and an account. 

  • Using an app and an account, administrative procedures must be time-saving and easy to carry out from the comfort of your sofa.

  • The administration must be converted to paperless files, e-files.

  • Staff must be trained accordingly.

  • Processes must be simplified.

  • Digitalization must be supported by everyone, from the clerks to the top management.

„Together we can make Heidelberg a smart city.“

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