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What is the situation in Heidelberg?

The situation on the housing market is getting worse and worse and if we don't act now, employees who retire will have to move out of their homes because they can no longer afford the rent. 

Specialists will no longer live and work in Heidelberg, but in the surrounding area.
Young families will move away because there are no family-friendly and affordable apartments here.


This merry-go-round must not continue to rotate. Housing policy is social policy of the city, and we have to do it smarter.


"Therefore, as mayor of this city, I will create more attractive housing that we all can afford."

How exactly do we achieve this in Heidelberg?

  • We must keep urban areas in the hands of the city in order to pursue a sustainable social housing policy.

  • Using heritable building rights, we will enable ownership as a retirement provision and at the same time develop a sustainable financial policy.

  • We support landlords in expanding roof structures and granny flats.

  • Creating affordable housing for trainees and students together with the student union and the associations. 

  • We establish a cooperative real estate agency (GIMA), which is a point of contact for responsible homeowners who want to put their property in good hands.

  • We put vacancies of buildings and areas to an end by consistent sanctioning (including the imposition of fines in case of misappropriation) and by implementing an obligation  of development. 

"If we implement this, we will make it possible for the pensioner to stay in his/her apartment, we will make it possible for young people to find a home in Heidelberg, and for companies to find urgently needed junior staff.
We must pursue a housing policy in such a way that the solutions fit to the problems.”

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