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What is the situation in Heidelberg?

  1. Again and again, cyclists come across cycle paths that end abruptly. 

  2. Pedestrians find themselves in front of parked cars, which are half on the sidewalk and half on the bike path due to a lack of alternatives.

  3. Motorists find themselves on streets that are congested with commuter traffic every day.

If we don't act here and ensure safe mobility, this will lead to accidents again and again. But the big challenge is commuter traffic, and together with the region we have to think about it smartly and holistically. 


"As lord mayor of this city, I want to work with the people to develop smart mobility that takes us safely from start to finish."

How exactly do we achieve this in Heidelberg?

I suggest that we:

  • Make bike lanes safer in the city and expand and rehabilitate bike lanes between the city and the outlying region at a faster rate. 

  • Create barrier-free footpaths.

  • Expand the tram to two lanes and set up consistent priority circuits for public transport.

  • Build neighborhood garages in all parts of the city to clear the sidewalks of parked cars.

  • Upgrade the job ticket to a mobility ticket, with which you can use public transport, Nextbikes, e-scooters and car sharing cars free of charge.

  • Create innovative and efficient offers, such as an "urban cable car"; to the Neuenheimer Feld, with which we can float over the traffic problems and reduce car traffic.

"By implementing all this, we can make possible a mobility that really advances us."

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