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What is the situation in Heidelberg?

  1. Families move away because there is no affordable housing. 

  2. Day-care centers often close early or temporarily due to staff shortages.

  3. Parents have difficulties balancing work and private life.

The burden on families urgently needs to be relieved. 


"As Lord Mayor of this city,
I will make family-friendly decisions to make more possible for families."

How exactly do we achieve this in Heidelberg?

  • More cheap, affordable, and suitable living space must be created by a variety of measures - especially for families. 

  • A reliable range of childcare facilities in daycare centres must be ensured. Recruiting staff is a top priority.

  • Day-care facilities must be free of charge.

  • School routes must be safe and barrier-free.

"Together, we can create more
equal opportunities
by putting families first."

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