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That's why Soren Michelsburg.


My basic principle: Politics must take people seriously and must take them along.

It's YOUR decision!

Dear Heidelbergers,


our Heidelberg is a wonderful city.

I live here with my wife. I am at home here.

Heidelberg is my home and I love living here.

Having found a home here for so many years is great.


Heidelberg attracts people from all over the world.

But the people who live here

face a variety of challenges.


Politicians are expected to find solutions

by which our city can meet these challenges.


I am running for the election on November 6th to make more things possible in our city.


Political decisions in Heidelberg must be more intelligent, i.e. they must become “smarter”.

During my time on the municipal council I have found:

Not every solution found in the past suited the problem.


Furthermore, I am convinced: Making more possible - that is only possible

if we shape our political decisions with "More togetherness".


I am convinced: with good cooperation between politics, population and administration,

we can "enable more" and make processes "smarter". I want to involve the public

– and not just when the decision is already made or up for selection.

The public must be involved long before that: from the idea to implementation.


Therefore my credo: More together. Make more possible.


I would be happy to tell you which experiences determine my actions,

what values guide me and which goals I have for our city.


I invite you to get to know me.



Thank you for your trust.

My name is Soren Michelsburg.

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